Automated Reconciliation

Finally, cost-effective, easy-to-use automated reconciliation for transactions, positions, mark-to-market, and more… as they happen

Solve minor problems before they stack into time-burning mountains by correcting mismatches as they occur. Get automated on-the-fly reconciliation from GBP Financial Solutions today.


If you’re in charge of scheduling post-settlement employees (or you’re one of the people doing the reconciliation), you know that running manual or automatic batched reconciliation hours after settling results in surprising numbers of mismatches (surprisingly high OR low).

Chances are that you’ve looked into reconciliation on-the-fly. But the cost and difficulty of building it in-house makes the daily grind of post-settlement mismatch corrections look like the lesser of two evils.

Here are the real problems: You and your staff are tasked daily to correct unpredictable numbers of problem transactions, positions, treasury confirmations, and more – hours after they happen. You’re all fixing errors made by someone else. The work is killing your time and morale. And coming up with your own on-the-fly reconciliation requires a department of hard-to-find professionals plus dedicated servers and special software to build, develop, and maintain.

Here are the real solutions: Automated reconciliation that works on the fly. Mismatches are corrected as they happen. Servers and software set up for you at our location or yours.

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Put GBP Financial Solutions to work. We’ll take care of you with our online TRAC™ Automated Reconciliation or set up a system at your location using SmartStream (TLM, Corona, SSR) , SunGard (Intellimatch,IntelliSuite), or Fiserv (Recon Frontier, NXG and Recon Plus).

To make it easier to choose, we’ll cover both in more detail. Let’s start with TRAC™, our hosted, online solution.


Automated Reconciliation online with TRAC™

All you need is an internet connection.

We take care of the rest.

Easy-to-use Internet Access

Start by logging in securely on Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, or Chrome. Then just follow the on-screen directions. We’ve designed this to be intuitive. You can multi-task, move data from one window to the next, as well as watch and control your transactions, positions, and more every step of the way.

Configurable Match Rules

Even though you can profit from high auto-match rates right out-of-the-box, you’re not confined to one set of rules and attributes. Once you’ve started using TRAC™, we’ll help you configure your own. After configuration, your staff can pay more attention to exception handling and operational risk control.

Step-by-step Exception Management

Watch as exceptions get flagged as early as possible. Watch again to see how easily they are corrected. TRAC™ guides your people through each step. We provide a simple view into a sophisticated tool: A tool that includes case creation, email alerts, journal entries, and effortless flow into period end reconciliations.

Easy Data Loading

Enjoy the power of our Financial Data Management tools right inside TRAC™. We give you standard data templates, full SWIFTNet integration and support for SWIFT messages, a choice of real time or batch data delivery options, and even a GBP Scheduler for timed uploads. Benefit from continuous operations monitoring, alerting, and escalation for data transfers.

Automate all types of Reconciliations

TRAC™ from GBP Financial Solutions handles everything on this list

  • Cash
  • Securities positions
  • Securities transactions
  • Net Asset Value (NAV)
  • A single view to evaluate Mark to Market (MTM) risk
  • Treasury confirmations, including FX & MM
  • System to system

We’ll even help prepare you for mergers and acquisitions

High levels of service from us mean low levels of stress for you

Count on GBP Financial Solutions to keep you moving forward with TRAC™. Take a look at what’s included when you work with us…

Getting Started

  • Ready-to-use templates get your firm up and running fast.
  • Data interfaces, masking, match rules, accounts, entities, and inboxes are configured to suit your business.
  • Experienced project management while we put everything in place – including Acceptance Test planning.

Hosting and Business Continuity

  • All hardware, operating systems, application servers and database software are hosted at our facility. All you need is an internet connection.
  • The highest standards of availability and resilience: Servers are monitored and maintained. If one fails, another steps in. You won’t notice when it happens.
  • We are ISO 27001 certified compliant for Information Security Management.


  • SAS 70 and European Safe Harbour qualification
  • Independent audit certification of security practices and procedures
  • Client access supported by HTTPS secure sockets

Application Operation and Maintenance

Full support of your reconciliation operation including:


  • Data loading
  • Job scheduling
  • User profile definition and maintenance
  • Sign-off hierarchy
  • Account and entity maintenance
  • Configuration changes
  • Data back-up and archiving
  • Reconciliations service always up to date with the latest features
  • New software features and performance upgrades twice yearly

The Bottom Line: Low Initial Investment. Predictable Expenses. Less Cost Overall.

Keep your overall costs lower by putting your reconciliations on TRAC™. Here’s how it works: You avoid the initial investment and unpredictable expense of in-house servers, software, and the staff to run them. Your monthly fee is fixed until you change your service level. Finally, we’ve got a whole department focused on TRAC™ and we distribute our costs across all our customers. You’re only covering a portion of our costs and you get all the power and service of owning everything yourself.

Speaking of owning everything yourself, let’s talk about in-house automated reconciliation: If you really need it, we can help you there as well…

A Quick Overview of Automated Reconciliation at Your Institution

We’ve got detailed information on Recon Software Implementation, Optimization, and Maintenance here. The quick overview appears below.

Sometimes you have to host.

We make it easy.

First off, we find out what needs doing

Introduce your team so they can help us understand what you do. We’ll share what we know about the best practices in your industry. That way, we can define and document your requirements to lay the foundation for a precision-crafted system.

Next we decide how it will be done

We’ll work together to write your detailed project plan. It will reveal specific roles and responsibilities and ensure that requirements are addressed. The plan maps out definition of your accounts, match rules, import and export criteria, and reports.

Then we build the system that does it

Get ready for action. GBP Financial Solutions uses your plan to develop a reconciliation system on our servers or yours. We assign what we’ve learned from the project plan. And when the configured software has been tested, our technical experts install and activate it on your servers. Finally, we test and verify that it still provides the correct results.

Finally, we show you how to do it

We train at your location, using your data, to quickly teach your staff the new process. In addition we’ll show your team how to maintain the software and get the most from it.

Trust Our Experience

We’re willing to bet some of you have tried building your own reconciliation system or know someone that has. It likely didn’t go well or you wouldn’t be reading this now. Fortunately you are in the right place and this message is for everyone…

We’ve done enough with SmartStream (TLM, Corona, SSR), SunGard (Intellimatch, IntelliSuite), and Fiserv (Recon Frontier, NXG and Recon Plus) to know what works and what doesn’t work.

Check with our clients to see what we’ve done for them.

Read more detailed information on Recon Software Implementation, Optimization, and Maintenance here.

Depend on our Professionals

We’ll be there every step of the way. We’ll bring the experts, too. And since no one knows everything about anything, trust that our experts know the most things about one thing: The thing that they do best.

Get cost-effective, easy-to-use automated reconciliation today


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