Financial Data Management


Speed up day-to-day operations and make informed decisions using data you already own.

Take data from multiple sources, then combine, clean up, and filter until you find information you can use. Get financial data management from GBP Financial Solutions today.

Chances are good that your department has put a lot of effort into collecting customer data. We wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve built multiple databases based on customer name, customer number, and more. It’s also likely that your other departments have done the same.

If your institution collects without standardization, you likely have databases with different structures. Even if a standard was put to use, you probably have redundancy from database to database. No matter what, researching data across multiple sources burns precious time.

Here’s the real problem: Your company has tons of information and no efficient way to benefit from it.

Here’s the real solution: Have GBP Financial Solutions perform your financial data management by putting our online Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) process in place.

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We’re willing to bet that some of you already have a financial data management ETL process. If it really is everything you want, then we’re not sure why you’re reading this page. Maybe our other services (like Automated Reconciliation or Financial Staffing) would be better for you. The thing is, you are reading this. And that means you know something is wrong.

Make it right by working with us.

Let GBP Financial Solutions simplify your data management. We’ll gather your inconsistent formats across all internal and external sources, extract what you need, transform it into a single source, then allow you to load the information you want when it’s time to make decisions.

Here’s what you get…


Financial Data Management that Costs Less

If you’ve already built and still maintain a home-grown infrastructure to support the collection and reformatting of reconciliation data, you know how expensive and complicated it is. Updates take time. Changes often bring problems. And even regular maintenance is costly.

Invest that maintenance cost with us. The return is huge: You’ll save the time your company spends on updates. Someone else will solve any problems that changes bring. And it could even cost less than what you’ve been spending on maintenance alone.

Take the expenses you save and put them into projects that make money.

Simplified Financial Data Management

Let’s face it: The work you do is never going to be easy. But that doesn’t mean the software you use should make things more complicated. If you’re dealing with multiple brands of financial data management tools, or a home-grown program in need of an update or re-design, you’re likely feeling more pain than gain. And that won’t help your institution grow as fast as it could.

Put GBP Financial Solutions to work. We do the heavy lifting for you. We also simplify the complex. Our data management software gives you a collection of solutions, tools, methodologies, and workflows. It fits into all your departments. Everyone can train and learn the same thing.

Make it simple for your staff. Let them manage and integrate data with our visual drag-and-drop interface. People throughout all departments can work together on projects because they’re speaking a common language: GBP Financial Data Management.

Make it simple for yourself. As the buyer or IT manager, you need only talk to one person and login to one place: Your assigned expert and our easy-to-use web portal.

And, just so you know, simplified does not mean weak…


Powerful Financial Data Management

Up until now, we’ve talked about lower cost and ease of use. Often, these terms don’t fit with enterprise-level needs. Rest assured. With our financial data management software, they do

Still – we’re not surprised if you’re a little skeptical. But if you think your needs are beyond our capabilities, think again and put us to task.

Trust we can include all your data sources: Internal. External. Scraped. Structured. Unstructured. Customer. Product… even Big Data (we do not fear the exabyte – neither should you).

Prepare for data growth in all three dimensions: Increasing volume (the amount of data). Velocity (the speed of data in and out). And variety (the range of data types and sources).

Replace separate business service and operational service applications with one powerful master data management entity.

Access, assemble, and integrate all your information in one environment: GBP Financial Data Management.

Your result is this…



Quality Financial Data

If you’re the one who makes the big decisions, the last thing you want is inaccurate information. There’s a lot riding on what you say and do. Misinformed choices are bad enough as it is. When you exercise them under regulatory oversight and accidentally violate internal and external compliance requirements… well… that’s a disaster.

Avoid disaster.

Embrace triumph with the quality data that comes from management with GBP Financial Solutions.

Let us combine your disparate data sources, weed out their inaccuracies, transform each source to fit one standard, and upgrade your organization with valuable, trustworthy information. Once we’re involved, you’ll be able to easily do what’s best…

Make profitable decisions with confidence.


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