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Work with people that know how to work

Tell us what you need done (even if you’re not sure what needs doing).
We’ll find the person that can do it.


You’re likely here because something is wrong. And, no matter what, it needs to be made right. We’re guessing that it’s not so much “something”, as it is that “someone” is wrong. And that means you need to add a person or replace one who’s already there.

Here’s the real problem: You don’t want to sort through 2236 unqualified applicants to find the one out of 2237 that might fit your needs (and then search again because the one you found didn’t work out). Worse still, you may not even be sure if you need to fill a position or create a new one.

Here’s the real solution: Let us do the qualifying for you. We’ll find the person that can perform. We may even discover ways you can benefit by adding financial staff to your company. You’ll get more done and create jobs at the same time.

-We’re GBP Financial Solutions, LLC.-


Call 484-477-1463 to secure one of our account managers today. It’s the first step of a rewarding, treasure-hunt adventure. We’ll discover what you need done and track down the person who can do it well: Someone who’s looking for more than just a way to pay the bills. Someone who lives and breathes financial services. Someone that works to make your company better than it already is.

We’re talking treasure in the form of a finely-cut diamond (not to be confused for one in-the-rough). That’s the kind of person you want. And that’s the kind of treasure we dig up every day.

Here’s how we find them for you…


Technical temporary staffing, right-to-hire, and direct, permanent placements on a national level.

our-story2_03It all starts as a conversation with your account manager and their promise to invest the time to understand your requirements, structure, culture, projects, timing, and budget. That’s how we learn what kind of treasure you seek. And since we’re always adding well-documented dig sites to our detailed map, we’re likely to find someone quickly.

Here’s how we recruit candidates and consultants

Trust that we’re always finding new places to look. It used to be that everyone was limited to newspaper ads and faxed résumés. The first cost money to publish and the second took time to make and send. The talent pool was small.

Now the pool is a vast ocean with islands of qualified people.

Fortunately we never stop charting those islands. Our recruiters search Monster, Dice, Career Builder, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, and more.

We also place ads that draw qualified people to us. It’s a daily activity we use to build a hand-selected database of experts. These are the ones that do what they do better than most everyone else. They are the diamonds.

Talk to us about finding candidates for temporary and permanent positions as well as consultants that you can contract for specific projects. We’ll find the one with the right facets.


How to find the person that adds to your company

“Call us today at 484-477-1463” is the short answer. Here’s the in-depth one…

Tell us exactly what you need done. Once your account manager has a clear direction, they’ll put our consultant liaisons to task. These personnel specialists operate a sophisticated Customer Relationship Management (CRM) / Applicant Tracking System (ATS). They sort by talent, location, and more. Our software draws the X-that-marks-the-spot on the United States map and the consultant liaison sees exactly where to dig.

When it’s time to hire an additional person, and you want someone the same as you had before, take advantage of our consultant liaisons. They’ll search again using the same criteria. You will get exactly who you need.

Of course there will be times where the perfect person, a diamond, is either not available or too expensive. When this happens, your request stays on file and we’re automatically alerted the next time one is discovered. We offer only the best. It saves everyone time and money in the end.



We’ll get them set in place

Rest assured that your account manager, consultant liaison, candidates, and consultants will work together ahead of time to get a flawless picture of what needs to be done at your institution. We take care of introductions and orientations. You’re never confronted with an awkward “Who’s the new guy?” or “What am I supposed to be doing?” Every diamond we bring in will fit your setting because they’ve already met their co-workers and know their purpose.

What we do about flaws

Some diamonds come with hidden imperfections. It’s unfortunate. It’s reality. But we’re there for you when these flaws are discovered. Your consultant liaison takes things personally. It’s their job to get to know our consultants and candidates. If someone isn’t working out, they’ll search again to unearth someone that will.

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